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Updates from Coach Tom!

***TUNE CLINIC - Thursday Dec. 8th***

Are you interested in learning how to wax and tune your skis? Next Thursday December 8th Patrick Dueweke with the Nub’s Nob Tune and Technology Center will be offering a FREE Tune and Wax Clinic. This will start at 6:00 PM in the Rental Building at Nub’s Nob and is open to all athletes and parents. Equipment preparation is a key element for any successful ski racer. Ski racing is a sport where a fraction of a second can determine winning a race or finishing further down the line. Having your skis properly tuned and waxed can help you shave time of your runs and can make a difference in finishing on or off the podium.

Nubs & Boyne open daily for the season December 9th!!!

Homework - Video for Edging Skills

Here is a link to some edging drills with Deb Armstrong: Garland drills and hockey stops will help with your edging skills. These are drills that we will be doing as a team, but are also drills that you can do on your own when you’re out making some turns this weekend.

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